About the Artist

I began this blog in early 2007 as a way to showcase my artwork.  I was looking for a  connection to an audience as I was beginning to venture into the world of marketing my art.  Painting is by nature a solitary activity.  I found posting here helped me to feel more connected but as the blog evolved and I got my art out to the public what I wrote about here became more about my horses and animals.

 As my art began to sell, I took over horse expenses from the household expenses.  I used my art to pay for my horses.  It was a natural evolution because my horses fed my art and my art fed my horses.

I am not an expert rider nor an expert horse trainer.  I am just a person who has had a lifelong passion for animals.  I trail ride and pleasure ride-- never have been interested in showing although my daughter did quite well in that area.  I prefer just to quietly take care of my horses and enjoy them.  I love observing them and just hanging out or doing the barn chores.   I have found as I develop my art that the creative writing aspect of this blog appeals to me as another creative outlet.  In the back of my mind, I like to play with the idea of developing this further by writing a book and turning my farm into an official rescue but for now, I will just share my art, my horses and my perspective on the horse/human/healing connection.  I hope you enjoy my blog and art and maybe get something good from it.  Horses, pets, and art have a way of doing that for people!

Please visit my website at http://www.horseartonline.com 

Large Abstract Horse Painting with poured Paint Background

Custom Pet Portrait in Oils

Arabian Horse in Watercolor 

Thanks for stopping by.

Sue Steiner

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