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Amish Photography

Alpaca Art

Amish Corn Wagon

Open Amish Buggy

Oh did I get some good photos today!

My Fascination with Barns

New Work and the Creative Process

Dashing thru the snow.....

"The Glory Of Horses' Mural Project

New Sights

Advent Mixed Media at Kidron Mennonite

Tales of Farm Life III

Kidron Arts Community Blog

Whirlwind WIP II

New Work

Buggy Horse Portrait 'Work in Progress' III

Buggy Horse Portrait 'Work in Progress' part II

Buggy Horse Portrait 'Work in Progress'

Tales of Farm Life

Pumpkin Farms

The Clothesline Project

New Work coming soon....

Last Roses of the Summer

A Big Sky Day!

Buggy Barn Update

The Lamp Room

Storing up for Winter

He's The Man!

Was a Farmer Had a Dog....

Lehman's Country Life Blog

Mural Painting Work in Progress

Horse Portrait 'Work in Progress'

heading home

Buggy Barn Mural 'Work in Progress'

Creating a Space....

Buggy Barn Painting

pastel fox


Painting in Public Part II

Apples, apples and more apples.....

Fall Festival

If Wishes Were Horses....

Did you lose a goat????