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'My Flower Child', oil portrait WIP

Wildlife Art in Oils, 'Elk'

Art, Arctic Cold and Hay Shortages

Girl on Horseback Portrait

Girl on Horseback Oil Painting

Draft Team, Almost done!

Equine Art- draft horses

Dec.'s First Friday Winner

Black Lab Portrait, Work in Progress

Black Lab, Draft Horse Portraits

Dog Art, Wildlife Art, Equine Art

Wildlife Art

Black Lab Portrait, Work in Progress

'White Kitten on the Prowl' oils

Pet Portraits in Oil

Kitty WIP 11.29.08

Horse Gone Wild!

Painted Pony, 9 x 12 oils on hardboard panel

Kitten Painting Update

Animal and EquineThemed Gifts and T-shirts

Dogs, Cats and Horse Art

Pet Portraits and Animal Art

Painting video....and Desert Horse completed

Pet Portraits and Equine Art

Desert Horse WIP continues...

Desert Horse

Advent Art continued

Finished Abstract Wire Horse

Wire Horse

Fabric Painting Experiment

Advent Art

On Amish Time- final

Amish Art 'work in progress'