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Bubble Painting DIY for Kids and Adults!

Bubble Painting DIY for Kids and Adults!   Easy DIY and Fun Activity! 

Oh is this ever fun!  It is easy to do and uses easy to find materials.  You can dress it up a bit or just do it as a fun activity in the backyard with the kids or grandkids!   That's what I am doing tomorrow!  :)  They will love it!  

Bubble Painting DIY Printable PDF Bubble Painting 
Paint- I tried watercolor, acrylic, gouache and water-soluble ink (individually) and they all worked pretty much the same.  The watercolor generally is more transparent and the gouache is opaque and matte so they do have slightly different effects.  I suspect any water-soluble paint would work fine.    Plastic Cups Straws Water Dawn Dish Soap Paper- I used watercolor paper and also tried it out on paper envelopes, poster paper.  If you want to dress it up, use better quality watercolor paper.  To use just for fun with the kids- any paper would work- thinner paper might buckle from the moisture just as a heads up.  I plan on…

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