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Fabric Art DIY

Fabric Art DIYSun Bleaching Fabric  
Today is gorgeous!!  Warm, dry, blue sky, low humidity!!!  Such a relief from the hot and muggy weather we have been having!  I have been feeling very experimental lately and have hit on wanting to do some fiber art - or fabric art.  I started out doing the Sharpies and Fabric activities with a shared link I posted about.   Loved the watercolor effect!  Isn't that pink pony adorable??  I want to make a simple dress or tee shirt for my granddaughter with that.   I also may make some small fabric pouches for cell phones etc.  As usual, I have lots of ideas.

Anyways from there, I started to do some Sun Bleaching on a big piece of purple fabric I got at the thrift store.  Since it is so nice out, I laid it out across my picnic table.  I initially started out with leaves, flowers etc. but remembered all the stencils I have so quickly grabbed those!  I am so glad I did.

Here I just laid some leaves, branches, and flowers on the fabric and then sprayed…

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