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Vintage Handkerchief Wreath DIY

Vintage Handkerchief Wreath DIY

I was at my local MCC Connection store and bought up their inventory of vintage handkerchiefs, handmade napkins and hankies the other day.  You very likely can find the same at your local thrift shop.  I will show you an easy way to make a very spring-like wreath and something that preserves the hankies with no cutting, sewing or altering. 

Vintage Handkerchief Wreath DIY

Materials: ·Wire hanger- I used one of the lighter weight white hangers because they are easy to bend and this wreath is light.  ·A dozen, give or take, handkerchiefs.  Colorful lightweight squares or napkins can fill in if you don’t have enough vintage hankies. ·Twine cord or lightweight wire ·A lightweight neutral-colored cloth cut into 4 in x 36 in strips. Measurements do not have to be exact. 
Steps: Bend your hanger into a circular shape.  It does not have to be exact at this point since you will be working with it for a bit.

2.Take a strip of your neutral cloth and wind around the hange…

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