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Why A Multi-Colored Life ?

The painting above was a pivotal art piece for me.  I named this blog after this painting, A Multi-Colored Life.  At the time, I was struggling with depression, anxiety and self-acceptance.  I came across a reference photo at an online art forum, Wet Canvas .  I was at the very beginning of my art journey and loved this man's face.  As I painted the original painting to the left, I thought about how beautiful and rich his face was in spite of not fitting into a conventional beauty ideal. I ended up painting the middle and right images to demonstrate how stripping away the very aspects of someone that makes them unique takes away the richness, character and beauty in each of us.  
As I painted this and contemplated my own struggle with self-acceptance, I began to find healing.  I began to shift my focus from what is wrong to what is right, from failures to successes.  The more self-acceptance I gained, the more grace and empathy I find I am able to extend to others.  I am able to se…

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