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Chasing Butterflies!

Chasing Butterflies! What is it about butterflies as they flit, dart and flicker across a meadow that entices our hearts to soar?  You want to lift your spirits?  Watch some butterflies.  Plant some butterfly bushes, grow a patch of milkweed and wildflowers, watch them arrive.  It will do you a world of good and do the world good in return! 

I had some little visitors the other day that reminded me how butterflies enlist our hearts to play.  We were walking down our lane and came upon a field of alfalfa.  When you see an alfalfa field, you will also see just above it, a multitude of white moths fluttering this way and that.  My little people saw the 'butterflies' and began to chase....

Which lead to a week or so later when I specifically went out to find some Monarch Butterflies to photograph.  

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