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Watercolor vs. Oil Paint? How to Choose When Ordering a Pet Portrait.

Watercolor vs. Oil Paint?  How to Choose When Ordering a Pet Portrait.~~~   Art medium refers to the material an artist uses to create.  The plural of medium is media.  Ex. mixed media 

What Art Medium to Choose?I work in several different mediums which may be different than some artists.  I offer pet portraits in oils, watercolor, and pastels/colored pencils.  To assist people in making a choice, I wrote this article.  Some of the information below pertains to me specifically and some pertain to the medium in general.  
Also, please be assured- if going thru this feels overwhelming, the process to order a pet portrait can be greatly simplified by just telling me you want one and sending me some photos.  :)  I offer this more detailed description for those who desire it.  

My Watercolor attributes:
Generally more: ·detailed ·realistic ·light and airy, transparent color ·less expensive for a custom portrait Framing needs: ·must be framed under glass ·generally are framed with a ‘mat’ or border ·ar…

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