My Cornfield Room!

This is a 'work in progress' and a cornerstone piece for my cornfield / garden themed room. I am creating this to be used in my show room off of my studio to showcase my decorative arts and fine art pieces. More to come will include sunflower chairs and end table, a painted terra cotta garden table, painted floor cloth and hooked rug and pillow most of which will use recycled materials. My goal is to create atmosphere with aesthetically pleasing functional art using recycled materials when I am able.

I chose this theme because of the vibrant colors and also to extend, at least inside, the feeling of late summer. Ohio can have some dreary winters so this is to break that up and maybe give off some of that carefree, time goes on forever feeling of a lazy summer day. I do plan on adding some chicken paintings to this room similar to what is on the outside murals I painted at Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio.
I will post more as they develop. To see completed work, my murals or to buy prints of my artwork please visit my web site at

Thanks for looking!


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