Horse Themed Wire Art and Jewelry

I have been having a great time expanding what I do in to wire art and horse themed jewelry.  I was getting into a rut because I needed less expensive items to sell online and in my studio but doing lots of mini paintings or anything too contrite with my painting was really killing my muse!  I then struggled with getting commissions done because I needed to not have my painting be so outwardly directed.  I am finally getting a handle on that I think.  The jewelry is a nice way to fill that niche for something fun, artsy, less expensive but horse related!  I am lovin' the cowgirl theme right now.  Watch for a bunch of stuff with tassels and conchos! I will give you a preview here:

These are available at
Look for zipper pulls, cell phone charms, purse charms, pendant necklaces in addition to wire sculpture, oil paintings and decorative horse shoes.  

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