The Green Party, Abstract Horse Painting, Part 1

We all know how much our beloved horses love green!  Green is the 2017 Color of the Year.  The horses would approve!

I wrote about this color in another blog post here: Equine Themed Decor, Color of the Year 2017. This spring green color, chosen by Pantone is said to evoke hope.  I wanted a playful splash of color and texture for the background of my nest abstract horse painting so I laid down some darker greens and then began layering lighter colors and texture.  Here are a few snapshots of the progress:

Stay tuned to see the final result!  I've already started on #2 in The Green Party series.  That canvas is a 12 x 36 canvas with gorgeous shades of greens, gold, and cream.

Happy Trails! 
Sue Steiner

I will leave with a photos of my horses in the snow and a couple other recent paintings.   

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