What I Would Give For Some Sun!

It is getting to be that time of the year in my neck of the woods when the gray days seem to stretch on forever........ seasonal affective disorder, anyone??  We need some sun!!  Those wonderful, long, trail rides of last summer and fall seem like a distant memory.  My horses look like mudpuppies and I am spending most of my horse time mucking stalls and cleaning the barn.  You know what horse people say about our seasons - we have snow or ice; mud; fly season and autumn.   Right now we've been hovering between snow or ice and mud.

I am really itching to ride but it's been a sloppy mess lately.  I'd much rather it just freeze instead of slop!  My dogs have been enjoying it though as you can see!  

I have been playing around creating some horse photographs with quotes and memes just for sharing.  Stop by http://www.horseartonline.com/horsequotesandmemes to see some I have made and please share!!  Better yet, sign up for my newsletter and you can have access to a special members-only page on my site where I share special horse photos, memes and screensavers as a thank you for signing up.  

I wanted to share a memorial pet portrait oil painting of a beautiful bull mastiff dog I just finished.

This white horse oil painting below is sold but one of my favorites.  

And might as well introduce you to my new horse; Willow!  She is a 10 yr. old black sabino Tennessee Walker.  Isn't she a pretty girl?  Can not wait to photograph and trail ride her!  

Wishing you and yours many happy trails!  

Thanks for stopping by!

Sue Steiner

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