More Horse and Dogs in the Snow Pics

Horses and Dogs in the Snow Part II

Yes, we are getting a lot of snow in NE Ohio.  The good part is.... more pics of horses and dogs in the snow!!  The bad part?  I have to drive in it!  (We won't focus on that right now.) 

Horses and Dogs in the Snow Part I

Caring for Your Horse in Cold Weather

Winterizing Your Barn I

Winterizing Your Barn II

 Napping in the Sun

 My Schipperke, Toby

 More napping in the sun. 

 Its just a bit breezy!!

 My Golden Retriever LOVES the snow.  Can you tell?


 Don't you hate it when your whiskers freeze? 

Golden Retriever in the Snow

Pretty Pair of Horses Trotting with Red Barn in the Background

Tennessee Walker in the Snow

Black Sabino Tennesse Walker in the Snow.

 Schipperke Dog in the Snow

Pretty Mare! 

White Horse, close up. 

Arabian Horse running in the Snow

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