Recycled Art Flower DIY

Recycled Art Flower DIY

Recycled Art DIY on A Multi-colored Life Blog 

Use everday items to create some cute and funky garden art 

This is very adaptable and really meant more as inspiration for you to look at your 'trash' and find items that would work.  Basically you need something round, something else a bit smaller that is round, and something smaller and decorative to put in the middle.  Get a wire hanger, bend and use as the stem.  And there you have it!  Below are some standard-ish type instructions and photos to help you along.  


drill or nail & hammer to make holes
glue - I used a hot glue gun.
duct tape
wire hanger
flatten glass marble thingies-- what are these called anyways??
bottle tops
broken glass
beads, buttons
Round food take out plastic containers
Tupperware lids, can lids plastic plates, bottoms of milk jugs
spray paint
a base of some sort to put the stem ends into to hold the flower up.

I used a small wood palette like scrap wood as the base and a terra cotta drainage tile piece 9all scrap) but be creative and see what you have laying around your house that you could adapt.

 Spray paint inside and out, carry out food containters.

In my examples I am using a wood round with poured paint as the flower interior but I will show other options as well.

I drilled a hole in the wood round and the plastic containter and put a straightened wire hanger thru the containter and into the wood round, then glued wood to container.

showing a recycled art flower with glass and wire interior.

Glass Plate interior with sea glass, broken glass and marbles interior.

The red container above has a center that consists of a small 'solo' plastic constainr and lid.  I filled the containter with some left over glitter.  It looks really cool!  I glued the top of so it will not come off outside. 

Assembled Recycled Art Flower with wire hanger stem. 

I will show you in the following photos how I folded the hanger to make a stem and leaves.  I manipulated it according to the individual flower.  Some needed their 'leaves' for support, other were lighter and I could make a longer stem. 

I used duct tape and the tool to pinch the wire hanger together and then keep it in place.  

Here are several flowers before fully assembled.  

Recycled art flowers and Glass Plate flowers displayed.  

I used the wire hanger to make 'leaves' that helped support the flower if the flower top was heavy.

Recycled Art and Glass Plate Flowers from DIY at A Multi-colored Life Blog. 

Aren't they fun??  

This is what I do when I am not playing around with found materials and blogging.  

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