Chasing Butterflies!

Chasing Butterflies!

What is it about butterflies as they flit, dart and flicker across a meadow that entices our hearts to soar?  You want to lift your spirits?  Watch some butterflies.  Plant some butterfly bushes, grow a patch of milkweed and wildflowers, watch them arrive.  It will do you a world of good and do the world good in return! 

Swallowtail Butterfly and daylily

Swallowtail Butterfly and daylily

I had some little visitors the other day that reminded me how butterflies enlist our hearts to play.  We were walking down our lane and came upon a field of alfalfa.  When you see an alfalfa field, you will also see just above it, a multitude of white moths fluttering this way and that.  My little people saw the 'butterflies' and began to chase....

Chasing butterflies! 

Kids and butterflies! 

Which lead to a week or so later when I specifically went out to find some Monarch Butterflies to photograph.  

Dogs and Butterflies!

My dogs followed me out to the field... here you can see Fawn tagging along!  

Fawn, my Chihuahua

On a big adventure! 

Chihuahua in an alfalfa field! 

My Chihuahua in an alfalfa field! 

Chihuahua and butterflies! 

My horses

Willow, watching with interest! 

Molly, my golden retriever loving the alfalfa field!  Bunny hunting, no doubt. 
The good thing for the bunnies, she is too slow to catch them... but don't let
her know I said so!  :)

The milkweed patch my husband thoughtfully requested it not be mowed down. 
The Monarchs preferred plant to cocoon on.  Save the milkweed= saves the Monarch! 
Have a great day and may you find things that make your spirit soar! 

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