Why A Multi-Colored Life ?

The Beginning of Multi-Colored Life Blog

The painting above was a pivotal art piece for me.  I named this blog after this painting, A Multi-Colored Life.  At the time, I was struggling with depression, anxiety and self-acceptance.  I came across a reference photo at an online art forum, Wet Canvas .  I was at the very beginning of my art journey and loved this man's face.  As I painted the original painting to the left, I thought about how beautiful and rich his face was in spite of not fitting into a conventional beauty ideal. I ended up painting the middle and right images to demonstrate how stripping away the very aspects of someone that makes them unique takes away the richness, character and beauty in each of us.  

As I painted this and contemplated my own struggle with self-acceptance, I began to find healing.  I began to shift my focus from what is wrong to what is right, from failures to successes.  The more self-acceptance I gained, the more grace and empathy I find I am able to extend to others.  I am able to see things from another perspective.  I would hate to live in a stripped down, black and white world. How utterly boring, confining, flat and dull that would be! 

As an artist, I love the in between places, the subtleties and nuance of color, shape and texture.  As an artist, I love faces, faces with character and life.  How boring life would be if we all looked and thought alike.   The more I am able to open myself up to seeing another person's perspective, the more I learn  and the less I judge or condemn others.  It's not always easy and I am far from perfect, but it is such a valuable skill that I will be trying to refine this my whole life.  

I can relate to the destruction of  self-hate and the projecting of hate on to another for things I can not tolerate about myself.  The less I fight with myself, the less I want to fight with anyone else.  The more I accept myself, the more accepting I can be of others.  The more I can see myself, flaws and beauty, good and bad, in the same picture, the more accepting I can be of another person's journey.  

This painting inspired me to begin this blog years ago to share with you my art journey which has been a big part of my healing and self-acceptance.  I went from feeling victimized and harboring great self-hate (PTSD, childhood abuse, depression, anxiety) to developing a new identity.  I became an artist.  Somehow, allowing myself this expression and exploration, I settled down inside and got relief from what had plagued me for years.  I felt better.  I had always been pretty empathic but the boundaries of the other person and myself would blur and swirl in ways that somehow brought the focus back on to me- how I felt, how I struggled.  Healing yourself allows a clearer vision of not only yourself but others.  I am able to be more tolerant of people who are acting out or projecting hate on to me... because I know it's not about me.  It is a window into their own inner struggles.  Extending grace, to myself and to others, is a beautiful thing.  Extending grace, with healthy boundaries, is healing for you AND for those you encounter.  Life is about learning and balance.  Enjoy the variety and beauty in others!  

A Multi-Colored Life

Thank you for following along.  

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