My Fascination with Barns

I have photographed this barn more times than I can count! It is a large bank barn on an Amish farm in Kidron, Ohio. It is positioned just right so the evening sun hits the broad side of the barn and sets the red siding ablaze with color! I have photographed it in every season and every weather condition, except for darkness! I just love this barn. It is old and big, perched on a hill and often has buggies or cute little Amish children playing in front of it. I plan on using this barn in my Amish Farm Life paintings that will be for sale January at Kratzer Furniture on Kidron Rd. Maybe I'll paint the twin, tow headed toddler boys who live here playing by the gate waiting for dad to come home from work, or the little Amish girl leading her goat into the barn for feeding time. There is so much inspiration in this area I consider it a treat to live here.

Kratzer Furniture is just one of the local businesses that sell Amish made products. Kratzer Furniture has beautiful Amish made furniture. The Amish are such good craftsman and as farmland becomes more expensive these cottage industries become even more critical for them to maintain a type of lifestyle so important to them. This lifestyle is one in which they live simply, work with their hands and live on their farms. My hope is to capture in my art the essense of living simply, not necessarily as Amish, but to find appreciation in what is before us regardless of our place in life. I think we can find nuggets of the beauty in small, unassuming places if we set our mind in that frame. As I honor these nuggets in my own life I try to put them on paper and canvas so I may share my artist eye to bring this into your life too in some small way.

Any of my art bought from my web page can be framed with Amish made barn siding that my neighbor makes for me. I particularly like the rustic barn siding frames because I like barns. I like using recycled materials in my artwork when I can. I like the barn siding frames because it fits the subject matter I paint and, more importantly, they support a cottage based business of the Amish. Thank you for your support!
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