New Sights

This watercolor painting is one of my very first watercolors I did almost 2 yrs ago. It is now in Tawian with our former exchange student. Vicki is a high school student who came to live with us for almost a year. It was so fun to see our world and culture thru her eyes. So many things we see every day and take for granted she had never experienced before. Vicki lives in a busy, urban area so it was very much like the story of the city mouse and country mouse trading places. Vicki was used to public transporation and and having everything close by. But things like the open sky, the setting sun or fields of grass and open areas are not familar scenes to her. She told me there is not enough open sky to SEE a sun set. Or a rainbow. She had not ever seen cows. She would get so excited seeing cows. I painted this for her to take just a little bit of Kidron home with her.
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