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Final, Omega
Horse Mural

I've got an assortment of paintings to show you of the last 3 projects I am almost done with.   Two are the large outdoor farm animal murals and then the cat portrait which is to be a special gift.   After this batch I will begin another outdoor mural and then on to Christmas commissions. 

I consider it an honor to be able to do these kinds of very personal gifts and keepsakes.  I met two of my next 'models' this week-- a pair of adorable cocker spaniels, full of enthusiasm and personality!  I'll look forward to painting them.  Painting these portraits has actually been a great way to feed my animal and pet habit without adding to my own menagerie!  3 dogs, 1 cat and 6 horses is enough for now!  :) 

In my studio I am settling into a routine now that the kids are back in school.  I've been working more at home only because its quieter and I don't have to move supplies.  I did take the donkey mural to the last First Friday in Canton.  We have a special event every 'first Friday' of the month year round in the arts district of downtown Canton.  It was fun to see the people's expressions when they came into my studio and saw the donkeys.   

Cat Portrait in Oils, a work in progress

I labored over the tabby cat's face in the above painting and think I've got him where I want him now although I can still see places i want to tweak.  I only had one photo reference because this guy has passed on which makes it all the more important to get him right.  I have a silver tabby cat at home and could see where I needed to change things but could not get my cat to stay in a position that I could study him!  I tried taking photos, bribing with treats, holding his head (gently of course) but finally got what I needed in a photo so I could compare.   If I had not wanted this photo I can guarantee you Moses would of been right in my face with his head in the exact right angle and light source! :)

To see completed work of mine or inquire about pet portraits or commissions please visit or my studio at Second April Art Galerie and Studios in Canton, Ohio. 

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Sue Steiner
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