My Furbabies

 I am at a place in my life I am not afraid to admit that my furbabies (dogs) play a vital role in my life.  I have teen agers. They are great kids, without a doubt and I love them with all my heart but they also are at the developmental stage in which they want to feel some independence from mom.  So this is where my dogs come in.... who is dancing at the door as you walk in?   Who looks up at you with adoring eyes and thinks you can do no wrong?  Who loves just being in the mere presence of you at all times?   My kids used to do this.  Now its not very cool to get excited over seeing mom.  Dogs stay in that perpetual toddler/preschooler adoring stage their whole life.  It certainly fills a void I've been feeling at the stage in life between teen agers and grand-babies.  
I have 3 fur-babies.  2 rescue dogs and one bought with my son's 'egg money'.  My son saved money as an 8 yr old collecting eggs from our free ranged chickens and selling the eggs for 2.00 a doz. until he got enough to buy a scruffy Jack Russel Terrier he named 'Jack'. 
I guess I just needed someone to follow me around and adore me?  And I adore them. 

I am starting a new commission with a black lab and a terrier.  I can't help but think of how these animals bring so much into our lives.  I appreciate the opportunity to paint these special pets in people lives.  I know how my horses and dogs have enriched my life.  I vicariously get to enjoy your pet and what they mean to you as I paint it. 

Pictured above is my buddy 'Toby' who lives to play fetch.  What can I say, he is obsessed!

Take care and stay tuned as I post updates to my new black lab and terrier painting.

Animal and horse paintings by commission


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