If Wishes Were Horses....

'If wishes were horses.....' I'm not sure how that phrase ends. If I were to write the ending it would have to be ... 'I would fly away'. I think on a horse's back the world is different. One of the reasons I like to ride is when I ride it feels like I have sprouted wings and have left my cares behind. Its not the speed that I ride-- it works like that if I walk, trot, canter or gallop. It must be the altitude! I think I'll always feel like that horse crazy girl when I am riding and since I am approaching another birthday more than half way into my forties I guess I am pretty lucky to have something that works so effectively at transporting me back in time!

This photo above is what I see when I get up many a morning. Sometimes I have to look pretty hard to make sure my 3 are still in the mist somewhere! 3 is the lowest number of horses I've had in years but its a good number for now. My thoroughbred mare was bred this spring so with any luck we'll have a foal next year. My other two are bookend chestnut arabs-- a matching pair in looks and in habit! They both are quirky, smart, slightly neurotic but personable and sweet. I love 'em! The tb mare is a steady, calming presence! Thats kind of scary-- the tb being the calm, quiet one! :) We've got some drafty, cold blood in this new foal to hopefully make a pleasant mix with all these hot blooded horses! I'm hoping for a filly with 4 high white stockings like her daddy!


I found the rest of this saying. It is an old Scottish proverb and goes like this:

The full Scottish proverb:
: : : "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride: : : If turnips were swords, i'd wear one by my side: : : If ifs and ands were pots and pans, : : : there'd be no need for tinkers' hands
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