Painting In Public

The past several months I've been working on some murals that are on display at Lehman's Hardware in Kidron, Ohio. The above mural is in the store's Amish Buggy Barn which is an actual antique buggy barn that was dismantled and reconstructed in the store to provide a space to have demonstrations and give the public the experience of being inside an actual buggy barn-- minus flies and manure! I probably should describe Lehman's at this point. It is a one of a kind, old fashioned mega-general store with an awesome century old barn as an interior and museum quality antiques through out the store! Originally Lehman's sold non-electric products to the large Amish community, which it still does, but has also evolved in its 52 years in business into a place to find unique products for the serious homesteader/ camper/ farmer/ decorator/ cook as well as a great tourist spot! Kidron is truly a unique place all by itself. I love living here. I am also fortunate to have a part in creating a unique atmosphere with my murals which I hope people enjoy as much as I enjoyed painting them. I have a special interest in painting animals so this has been a good fit for me. For the month of Sept. every Saturday I will be in the buggy barn painting in public! Yikes! I am a fairly new (since 2004) self taught painter so the idea of being 'on display' could of been intimidating. Fortuantely I found when painting the horses above during store hours that I didn't think about painting in public but just thought about painting. So much so I locked the keys to my car, along with my paint and supplies, in the front of the store in the no parking area. Oh, the pain and pleasure of having an artist's brain! And the pain and pleasure my husband must have experienced when he got the call to HELP, I need the other set of keys!!!

Check out my outdoor murals at Lehman's here and scroll down to the murals page:

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