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As many of you may know already Kidron, Ohio is a beautiful place! I took this photo just down the road from where I live. This field was simply stunning in the evening sun with the cool blue greens and warm orange sun. You can see why this area is so inspiring! I took this photo last fall at about this same time of year. I never tire of seeing the fields as they change thru the seasons. The rolling terrain gives so much interest to the landscape. I love it here. I am not alone in how this area inspires me. I also am not the only artist in town. Not at all. We have a vibrant art community waiting to burst on the scene so to assist those of you interested in the arts and this community I want to tell you about our new blog- Kidron Arts Community at I am inviting other artists in the area to share what they are doing. I encourage you to stop in and subscribe to it so you can meet others who share my vision for a more well defined and visible art community. Spread the word!
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