Pop Art Chicken

Here's my 'Blue Rooster', 12 x 9 mixed media. Isn't he handsome? I want to do a series of these colorful guys. So stayed tuned for more or sign up on the sidebar menu to be notified of new work. To see more go to http://www.suesteiner.com/ or stop by the shops selling my art in the Kidron Area.


Anonymous said…
He is a handsome rooster. I love it. Your pictures always lift my spirit. Thanks so much.
Thank you ga.farmgirl! Maybe i could do a whole series of pop art goats after I do these pop art chickens. Do you have any volunteers for models on your farm? Models with an attitude? LOL!
Pop Art Jack (gafarmgirls famous donkey) is what I need to do! Remember 'horses of a different color'? This could be donkeys of a different color and I KNOW Jack has attitude! :)

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