Amish Farm Life Series

I am adding to my watercolor and pastel Amish Farm Life Series now that the murals at Lehman's are finished. These are paintings based on the Amish culture around my home of Kidron, Ohio.

This is a 'work in progress' watercolor painting of my Amish neighbor taking his young children for a ride in a wagon down our shared lane. I love the imagery in this scene. The Amish children, with their hats and bonnets poking up out of the little wagon remind me of little birds in a nest. In this painting I am after an impressionistic look, with lots of color and emotion but not in crisp detail which is how I prefer painting Amish scenes, out of respect to their culture. I know they do not mind being painted but I also do not go after a exact replica of their face or features knowing that they would prefer not to be identified in this way or have attention draw to a particular person. So my hope is to capture the essence of their culture, the beauty in the landscape and a window into their daily life in a way that shows respect for their way of life.

To see more Amish themed art go to my web site at I also enjoy painting animals, portraits and flowers. My art can be purchased at different locations in Kidron as well as online. To inquire about locations and prices please visit my web site. I will be continuing with painting demonstrations at Lehman's in their Buggy Barn and around the Kidron area so if you are planning a trip to Amish country take a home a souvenir painted on location!

Some of my Art is available now as note cards (suitable for framing) in 3 different series- Amish, Farm Animal and Fiber Animals. To order e-mail sue at
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