Lucy and Rosie, Work in Progress III

Lucy and Rosie, a work in progress pet portrait

These cocker spaniels are a delight to paint!  I am still pretty early in the process of painting these pretty dogs but hopefully you can see their personalities beginning to show thru.  They are a bubbly, wiggly, soft and cuddly duo.  I am having fun with the sutble variations in their coats-- the undertones and highlights but can't get into that too heavily just yet.  I am still working on my 'road map' of features and body position-- landmarks might be another way to describe it.  I need to lay down the foundation and build from there-- lights and darks. 

One of the areas I can not wait to get to will be those ears-- those soft curls and waves with beautiful highlights and deep tones.  One of the pleasures of doing pet portraits is painting fur!  :) 

It is a cloudy, overcast day so I am thankful to be in my studio to paint this morning!  My farrier is coming this afternoon to trim my horses hooves so I get to be in my 2 favorite spots today-- the studio and the barn!  My dogs enjoy the farrier's visit also.  Those of you with horses will know that trimmed horse hooves are a real treat for dogs.  Maybe that is TMI for some.  :)  I can see the cats turning their noses up at the uncivilized way of canines! 

Have a great day!
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