As many of you know I am an artist who specializes in equine and animal art. The last couple years I have been adding to my farm animal murals at Lehman's in Kidron, Ohio. My murals can be seen on my web site at During the time I began this project I met with an editor of Hobby Farms magazine. She saw my work and mentioned the magazine would like to do a write up on my farm animal art and art business and how it relates to my farming background. This Friday I am doing a phone interview for the Hobby Farm Home magazine and am told the article will be in the July/Aug issue. If you are not familiar with the magazine please stop by their web site and take a look. The articles are informative and the layout and photography is very attractive. Its a well put together magazine with the focus on gardening, livestock, small farms and farm based family businesses. For instance this month's issue features articles on bread and butter making, fiber arts and knitting, recipes from your garden, living 'green' and product recommendations.
I'll write more as I learn more but wanted to share the news with you.
In addition to farm animals and equine art I am available for pet commissions. I can be reached by e-mail at or you can read about commssioning a pet portrait at
Thanks for stopping by!
Sue Steiner
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