Arab Stallion in Graphite WIP

Horse portrait in graphite
Work in Progress

I started this over the weekend as a fun project inbetween some of my commissions. Ultimately I would like to use this same pose to create artwork in graphite, watercolor and oils to show how the different mediums compare. For now this is where I am at with the arab stallion.

Last night we had a beautiful sunset. The sky was aglow with reds and oranges so I am expecting a beautiful day today according to the saying, Red skies at night, sailor's delight. Red skies in morning sailors take warning. I am hoping for some riding time today.

Stay tuned to see my rare breed watsui cattle commission of an impressive bull named Captain Butler who lives in Texas. I will be doing the drawing stage soon so when I do I will post it here.

Happy Trails!


kathi dunphy said…
Ahhh..brings back memories. I have owned 2 arabs in the past, nothing on earth is as elegant as an arabian horse.
Sue Steiner said…
I agree! I have 2 arabs now. My gelding is as pretty as this. I have often thought of renaming him to Adonis since he is the prettiest of my bunch! :)

Are you ready for spring Kathi? I am. See the sun is out already so I am scurrying to get outside! Have a good day!

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