New Spaces, New Beginnings!

White Horse Studios

Art By Sue Steiner

White Horse Studio located on the second floor of Second April Art Gallery is officially up and running! Last night was the kick off of May First Friday and the beginning of me being in my new art studio. The crowd was out and about in spite of the rain and I got my new space pulled together just in time!

The other new beginning is the one happening on the home front as my boomerang rescue horse is getting settled in and adjusted to her new space. I will give you some highlights of the past week. Since I am an artist I thought rather than tell the story in words I would let these images tell a visual story.



Friends are Good!

Trust is Hard

Building a Support Network

Thats all for now! :)
She's doing well. I see changes in her daily as far as body condition and general over all well being. Trust will need to be built but I am not in a hurry. That part of the rescue process is fun with a horse like boomer because she is smart, smart, smart and ever so sensitive so she keeps me on my toes as I think of ways to help the process along without apply pressure or making her feel insecure.

Thanks for stopping by!

equine and animal artist


Anonymous said…
wonderful name for your studio, wonderful photos, wonderful captions! i am sure you will teach her much and she will teach you.
Sue Steiner said…
Thank you! Its fun to watch her respond and fun to watch her change. I consider this privlege to be able to do this for her.
kathi dunphy said…
What a sweet soul she is.
And Your new space looks great!
Tina- said…
your studio looks so nice, and so glad that your horse is back home with you and doing well.
Sue Steiner said…
Thank you Tina for stopping by! :)

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