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Day 1

Day 5

2 months later

I thought I would post some before and after pics of my rescue horse, Boomerang. She was renamed this after I rescued her a couple months ago for the second time. She's the horse that keeps coming back to me and the one who now has a permenant home with me. I think she deserves it. I raised her as a foal and feel responsible for what happens to her. She is the reason why I would never breed again -- she is the poster child for what can happen with well bred horses when markets fall or trends change.... she is a full blooded arabian, papered, from good bloodlines, professionally trained, showed and beautiful-- a well put together horse but fell into hard times twice! Hard, hard times. She also is the inspiration behind the name of my art studio 'White Horse Studio'. I think she is beautiful, quirky, smart and challenging. She is kind of hot headed and spooky but sweet and kind and gentle. She's fun. She is also my muse- my
backyard diva.

White Horse Studio on my First Day, about 2 months ago

One of my first paintings from 2005 of Boomerang before I sold her to the home she just came back from.

A recent horse portrait I did as a commission

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