Black Lab Portrait, Work in Progress

Work in Progress Pet Portrait
'roughed in' stage

I have 'roughed in' the lights and darks and have created my roap map in which I will go thru and refine details in this pet portrait. This is done in oils and the glare of wet paint is hard to avoid so I apologize for the poor quality photo. I will be brightening up the eyes and giving definition to the dog's face and expression. Close cropped photos like this are fun to work with because it becomes all about the eyes and expression so I plan on spending lots of time on that in future painting sessions. I have gotten what I think of as the 'bones' in now and will move on to the essense of the dog's expression. Stay tuned! On my easle I also have an elk painting, another dog painting, a large wolf painting, a cat paitning and a team of draft horses all in various stages of completion. I will post those soon.
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kathi dunphy said…
Wow Sue, you always have so much painting going on at once, I wish I was half as prolific. I have spent 2 days on a portrait going nowhere...the last thing I did to it was to spray off as much paint as I could under the shower....sigh.

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