Dog Art, Wildlife Art, Equine Art

Pet Portraits in Oil

'The Boys' a team of belgain draft horses in oils, work in progress

I've just begun so stop by again to see how it progresses!

'Elk' oils 12 x 18 ' Work in Progress'

I am just finishing with the blocking in stage and will move on to refining details during future painting sessions.

I have several commissions I am working on for Christmas. I will share with you a couple 'works in progress' that I have on my easle. These are both oil painitngs. I am primarily working in oil now. I have narrowed my commissions down to oil or watercolors. I found having fewer choices makes the decisions easier for people to choose which one they want. If you'd like information on how to commission me to paint a wildlife, equine or pet portrait I can be reached by e-mail at You are also welcome to go to my web site to view finished art and more information on commissions.
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