Black Lab Portrait, Work in Progress

Here's the black lab oil painting just a bit futher along. I am adding more color so that the 'blacks' don't become flat. There are purples, blues and golds/oranges to brighten and bring some vibrant color and interest. Too bad none of that shows in this little painting with the wet paint! Sorry! LOL! I do like having fun with color. I want to continue to brighten the eyes but I need to wait for the paint to dry. I've softened some edges and brought in some sharp edges to keep the eye moving around and to creat interest. I like mixing realism with some abstract shapes and colors to bring more life to the painting and for a more 'painterly' effect. There are definite brushstrokes and big swipes of color along with little details. I will let this sit for a couple days or so and then add some glazes and details to key areas.

To see finished work go to or
for any questions or comments regarding commissions. Today is Shop Hop in Canton so I can't paint as much as I'd like today. If you are in Canton stop by Studio #222 above Second April and Acradia Grille or go to I am offering a discount on commissions scheduled during the Canton Shop Hops.
Thank you for following along!
Take care.


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