Pet Portraits in Oil

This one is moving from roughed in to the detailing stage but still has a bit to go.

This is my most recent dog portrait. I am still in the roughing in stage-- getting lights and darks and big shapes.

Commissioned Pet Portrait, completed (I think) On the computer screen it looks like it needs some more definition between the front legs.... I'll have to see what it looks like in real life.... I wanted her to look like she is sinking into a comfy couch. I know my pets sure appreciate comfort! I have to fight off my big house cat Moses from my lap. I can't sit down without him thinking he needs to be on my lap! We lit the fire the other day in the fireplace and he REALLY enjoyed that. I have some sibling rivalry going on between two of my dogs. They are like kids.
The other day I posted some pics of my horses out in our pasture. What you could not see in the photos is my jack russel terrier, Jack. Jack (original name, I know!) knew my attention was out in the pasture. I had my camera and was walking around the yard looking for the best angle to get the photo. I wanted to do this without the horses knowing I was there because if they heard me they would come up toward the barn. Jack could not stand that I was paying attention to something WAY out there and not him... so he ran into the pasture a ways, looked back as if to say, see ME, here I am!!! He'd look back at me, tail wagging, tongue hanging out, run a bit more, look back, run, until he got to the horses and razzed them all! Being a jack russel terrier he loves to stir things up!
Thanks for stopping by! I have a new commission I'll be starting in the next day or so of another dog. I am also going to paint a team of Belgian draft horses so stay tuned.
To see finished work go to

This is the latest batch of work in progress pics.
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