Dog Days of Summer

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Black Lab Portrait

German Shepherd Portrait

Shih Tzu

As we head into the 'Dog Days of Summer' I will be at my Open Studio on Friday at Second April Art Galerie painting dogs!

August's First Friday in Canton theme will be The Hound Dog Days of Summer .... what better way for me to show my animal art than with colorful dog paintings?

I am posting some dog commissions I've done for you to enjoy in the meantime. After my Open Studio I will share with you the latest canine additions. I have recruited a top model for this Friday's Open Studio that is a cute black and white, blue eyed dog named Jenny Craig. She doesn't even need to go on a diet! In fact by the look of her perky eyes and bright expression my guess is she finds lots of ways to fit exercise into her day!

To see more animal art stop by on Friday at White Horse Studio at Second April or go to my web site at

Take care!

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Peggi Habets said…
Very nice pet portraits!! You have a great whimsical style.
Sue Steiner said…
Thank you Peggi. The animals are fun to do. :)

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