Trotting Horse in Oils, WIP continues....

I am having fun with this one... loving the colors and the flying mane and tail. I thought as I painted this how every horse person still holds on to the fantasy, spirit and mystery of the horses of our dreams as a child. I know I love my horses maybe because they tap into that part of me that had them whisk me away in my dreams as a child. :)

This is a gift for someone so as I put more identifying marks (this is a paint) I may postpone posting for just a bit in case they stumble upon this. My hope is though as I paint this that she will feel that sense of freedom and adventure that horses bring into our lives.

To commission me for a painting you can contact me by e-mail at or stop by my web site and read about the process. One of the most enjoyable parts of my job as an artist is when people choose to hire me to make a painting to be used as a gift. I feel honored and strive to capture those images that tap into those special memories.

Thank you!
Sue Steiner
equine and animal artist


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