Kitty WIP 11.29.08

This is the Amish farm across from me. I love this bank barn. The lighting in the evening is so pretty. It lights up the broad side of this barn until it draws me like a moth to a flame! I have photographed this barn more times than I can remember. I have painted it a few times too... maybe a new oil painting of this barn is on order.....

'Work in Progress' Pet Portrait

I added a few more touches today to my kitten painting. The paint is wet and the glare is hard to avoid so it is not photographing well. It won't photography well until the paint dries but this can give you an idea of the process. I am now adding more details and dimension, moving past the roughing in stage. I want to do more blending of the fur and bring out the eyes more so I am probably about halfway done.

To see finished work go to or for information on pet portraits.

I am also posting a link to some more animal graphic art I did with the help of photoshop. I am using my artwork, paintings, drawings and photos to give a more graphic feel to my cafe press selection. I added this colorful chicken and horse and rider to my pop art animals on

Here's one of my equine designs on a tee shirt.

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Sue Steiner

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