Pet Portraits and Equine Art

I am about half way done in this photo of this sweet little cocker. This is the 'roughing in' stage where I define the shapes and values. I will go in and refine the image and add details after the paint has dried a bit. This is the foundation that I will build on.

I am getting nearer to completion here but am still undecided as to how to handle the background. I want it to be stark so the focus is on the horse. I think today I will finish the head and bring the shadow back -- I kept wiping it away with my sleeve! Ugh! Then I need to decide how prominant I want the shapes in the background.... some of this stuff I just let happen while I am painting so we'll see.... :)

Today I will also begin a wolf painting my son has been asking me to paint for the longest time. I was waiting for a lull but decided he needs to have his request filled also! His painting will be larger so it won't be a 'daily' painting. Maybe a two or three day ??? We'll see how demanding he is as a client. LOL!
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Sue Steiner
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